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Swedish Merchant ships during the War!

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About 300 Swedish Merchant ships were sunk during the War and about 1000 sailor lost their Lifes.

Sweden was Neutral during the second World War but need as many other nations supply from abroad. In many case a dangerous sail around the World and a cargo like timber could easily become war material if someone want to sink your ship.
In several case was the ship paid by Great Britain to help them with supply and the Germans know it. On the other side Germany bought iron and steel from us.
The Swedish steamer S/S Iris was stoped in autum 1939 for an investigation from a German "Zerstörer" (Distroyer) but found nothing and left her. The German magazin "Kriegsmarine" has it on first page on December 1939.
In July 1941 Iris get ramed of a Britisch Convoy ship by accident (Blue Ranger) and sunk.
On the magazin "Kriegsmarine" (Dec 1939) can you read about how the German navy worked with checking foregein cargo and there is also an illustration of S/S Iris. More info in Gallery/Photos/Papers.