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Clothes & Uniforms

There is a lot of Uniforms, Jackets, throusers, shoes, and personal Equipment aviable in this field.
Here you can see some of them used by the Kriegsmarine.



Narvik Shield, Iron Cross of first grade, Iron Cross of Second grade, Knights Cross and more...

Battledress KM


When Great Britain withdrove their trops from Dunqurke in 1941 was the allied forced to give up huge amount of equipment as trucks, fuel weapon and...

Dagger (Dolch oder Marinedolch)


Standard Navy Dagger from Carl Eickhorn/Solingen. According to regulation, 24 cm nickel plated double-edge blade with 28 cm long scabbard. There w...

Dog Tag


Karl-Heinz Gehrke U.N38244/42. T U = Uboote N38244/42 = Nord See (North See) and comittment No for joining the Navy in 1942 (two last digits) T =...

Emblem U66


U66 was a type IX-submarine and was launched in January 1941. Built at AG Weser Bremen Oct 1940. Her first commander was Richard Zapp(pic) and he l...

Erinnerungsbecher in silver from Admiral Graaf Spee


About 40 mm high with nice gravyr " Die offizermesse Adm "Graf Spee 28/IX.37 On the bortom side you have à punsch "Halbmond Krone 800 Very nice con...

Greycoat Joseph Rother Commander U380.


Rother joined the seventh mission with Eric Topp (U552) in October 1941. During this mission they sank US Reuben James the first American Warship d...


No2106005 Holster

Black hard Shell holster for P.08. Nice KM Control Markings

Jacke Engineer Officer Benno Brandt U651


U651 was the first German Submarine built at Howaldtswerke in Hamburg. On the 24th of June 1941, U651 found convoy HX 133 and hit and sank SS Bro...

Kriegsmarine shoes


Extremly rare pair of KM shoes. This are produced on Brown canvas with black leather reinforcement. The tounge in the shoes are produced in the sam...

Leather belt with Buckle


Gott Mitt Uns, Good with us!

Lederjacke, Rudolf Muhlbauer 1919-2000 U123 and U170


Mûhlbauer was the one of 22 men with non Captains grade who was decorated with "Ritterkreuz"(Nights Cross) during the second world war.(Oberboatsma...

Messjacke, Reichermeier, Maximillian U259


Jacke from Maximillian Reichermeier who makes his duty at U259. During the second mission was the boat sunk and everybody disappear outside the coa...

Olympic Rings


Olympic Games 1936 The Olympic Games 1936 was held in Berlin between 1/8 - 16/8. Germany has been chosen before the Nazis party took the Politica...



Auer Red Lins glases for night vision (included with pouches)

Tropical Südfront

No2114013 Sudfront

For a man in machine. Year 1941. Sandcoulor in cotton. Breasteagle in gold, handsewn. Marine buttons painted in green. Inside white lining. Sta...