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Field Gear & Flags

Here can you se some of flags and Equipment for the German Navy. (Kriegsmarine)

Admiral's Vehicle Pennant 30 *30 cm


About 29 cm tall and 30 cm long white cotton fabric. With the rank of Grossadmiral and command vehicle pennant with multicoulored printed image....

Gasmask M30


This type is a variation of the mask equiped with a connection for a microphone for KM operating staff. Size 3 told us that this one is the smalle...

Join the Kriegsmarine


Small marketing heft for recruitment "Join the Navy"

KM Bergen 1940 shield Tigerflagge


Plaquet in metal with text Bergen 1940 most famous from Hans Bartels and his group. I have also the book written by Hans B. 170E

Kriegsflagge 1943


The new German Navy flag was introduced 1935 and this one is the second pattern who was introduced in 1937/38. The early one has a closed ring arou...

Kriegsflagge Gösch


This flag exist in two variations 1921 and 1933. The first from 1921 has an inset i the upper corner (in the black stripe) of the German National c...

Part of flagpole SOLD


U148 pole. A boat who never have been in combat. Used for education only. The preowner of thIs told me that the pole and the flag was ā gift to Kal...