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Commanders Photos

There was about 1200 or more commanders active during the World War II in the German Kriegsmarine.
Below you can find some of them and pieces of their history.
(Note Most photos is in my Collection but not everyone.)

Cremer, Peter U333


Peter Erich Cremer began his naval career in August 1932 Cremer completed the one year of basic on-board training on the light cruiser Köln. After...

Endrass, Engelbert U47, U46 and U567


Engelbert Endraß began his naval career in April 1935. Like Prien and Metzler, he had previously spent some years in the merchant navy. After some...

Frauenheim, Fritz U21, U101


Fritz Frauenheim began his naval career in April 1930 and served on the line ship Schleswig Holstein and the light cruiser Karlsruhe. In January 19...

Hardegen, Reinhard U147 and U123


Reinhard Hardegen began his naval career in April 1933. After two and a half years he transferred, like some other naval officers, to the Marinefli...

Prien, Gunther U47


The most famous submarine commander in the second World War..His U47 sinking about 190.000 ton under his flag. Famous for sneeking in at Scapa Flow...

Reeder, Günther


While outbound through the Bay of Biscay on May 6, 1943 Reeder's boat, the U-214, was heavily depth charged by a British Whitley bomber (10 OTU). H...