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Instruments, clocks

There is a lot of instruments and Optics used by the Kriegsmarine and in this Collection you can see some of them.


No5302880 ARG1-100892.jpg

ARG-1 (Astronomisches Rechengerät 1) Celestial Computer by Carl Zeiss Jena (blc). A late War issued, extremely accurate Navigational instrument. Th...

Barograph U1010

No5037110 Barograf

For measurment of atmosfaric preasure

Barograph U349

No5307020 Barograf)

Aneriod Barograph, R. Fuess Berlin Steglitz Same manufacturer as Barometer recently shown. (See Clocks & Optics) Used on U349 for measure atmo...



Aneroid-Barometer FUESS Berlin - Stiglitz

Binocluar Leitz

NO3307150 LeitzBino

7 x 50 beh Binoculars Tooled aloy construction 7x50 power (7times power magnification with 50 mm diameter objektive lens) The binocular have prote...

Clinometer/Niegungsmesser Type XXIII ( SOLD)


SOLD SOLD SOLD Show the dive angles on type XXIII. Flourocent ilummination. Clearly visiable No 23 (XXIII) marking Scare

Compass Askania KM Marked

No5302860 Askania

Askania were established in 1938 and manufactured for both the German navy and Luftwaffe. An excellent example, either from a small craft or perha...

Diesel Indicator U170


Main purpose with this instrument is to isolate the spring from the effects of heat.Experiments undertaken by the Royal Navy in the 1840s indicate...

Diesel instrument Rmp. (Drehzaler)


Diesel instrument Rmp. (Drehzaler) Still searching info About this instrument. Various Rpm cause some confusion. Seen from 400 Rmp to 600. Type of...

E-Kompass Anlage


E-kompass Anlage. Before the Second Worldwar C.Plath sold and serviced Anschütz gyros in Hamburg and Anschütz was the gyrocompass supplier to the...

Fangleineprüfgerät U1061

No5309005 Fangenprufgerät

U1061 was ordered 25/8-1941 and built att Germaniawerft, Kiel. She was commissioned at 25/8-1943 and was one of four at this type. She could carry...

G7 Torpedshield


U573 was launched in April 1941 and in the hands of Commander Henrich Heinsson. In december 1941 she sank the Norweigen steamer "Hellen" on 5.289...

Heeresatmer (Breathing Apparateus)


HEERESATMER This is a German Heeresatmer from second world War II. A self containg breathing Apparatus from the introduction in 1937 (German Ar...



For ascertaining the density of salt water, enabling the accurate trimming of a submarine. Note the KM property marks and the orginal transit tube.

Kieninger & Obergfell - Ships Clock


Kieninger & Obergfell Wall clock. When the war broke out in 1939 has the german industry a great advantage in optics, clocks and mecanic and was n...

Kleines Jentzsch-Gerät


Kleines Jentzsch-Gerät was a small metal box containg instruments for chequeing oil and fluid in the propulsion. The set has several thermometers...



SOLD SOLD SOLD Extremely rare (only a small handfull known to exist) MHR1 Navigational Instrument by Dennert and Pape (GWR). This is a small 'ha...

Orginal Maschinen und Motoren Defekt Sucher SOLD)


SOLD SOLD SOLD Apparatebau C.Richter, Hamburg 1936. Compare to a Stetoscop used by a doctor. With good traning you can hear sound in a engine and...



The Peildiopter is complete with all sights, mirrors and sun filters. Operating the lever on the side rotates the internal sun filters normally and...

Peildopter Large


With optical sight M3566 Plath/Hamburg. Baum FRM5 and Werk No 3153. In heavy used condition but mirrors still intact has the impact of "being there"

Peilüberlagerungsempfänger T3PLLä38


Peil Überlangerungsempfänger T 3P LLä 38 In 1941 Germany declare War against USA and Russia and the war become global and now we have a real Worl...

Scheinwerfer ESw20 blc SOLD

No5005208 Scheinverfer

SOLD SOLD SOLD Rare portable Kriegsmarine signallamp in wooden box used on smaller vessels such as Uboats and E-boats for close in communcation. T...

Sextant Plath


Sextant Used for takeing readings from the sun or the stars to determine your latitude position. Manufacturer Plath/Hamburg. Marked M7436 Serial...

Slide Rule

No5001350 Slide rule

From Albert Nestler, Kiel (DRP Deutches Reichs Patent)l comes this slide rule. With the text "Eigentum der Marinschule Kiel Nr 5536. Booth lid and...

Liebelsextant (Occtant)

octantonseacard-92416.png (1000L)

In 1939 was the first SOLD-Libellensextant forwarded to Luftwaffe by C Plath. This instrument was extensively used for aircraft operations and it's...

Windmesser Deuta Werke (SOLD)


For measuring windspeeds at sea. Gradutated to 50m/sec. Complete with woodenbox and a recipt of delivery date 14.3.44. Nice and rare instrument in...

Wrist Watch KM


Marked KM. Alpina movement. Still works perfect.