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Headgear & Cap Tallies

A lot of different Caps exist during the War. In the gallery you can find some of them.

Another KM Hood


Leather Hood for protection. Seven wentholes for make it eaisier to hear. Nice KM markings

Artic Boardmütze


Bordmutze Strange modell. For really cold days on patrol in the Artic??? Nobody knows the modell as far as I know. Recently I found a similair...

Boardmütze Blue


The overseas KM cap was introduced in November 1938 as a battlecap. First pattern model was restricted to special persons and special ships. At 1...

Boardmütze Marinehelferin


After long a physical tension from a danger mission the crew need to be "takeing care of". One tool for this is womans who meet up the crew when...

Boardmütze mit Edelweiss


Ref: See Torpedo Los page No 85. Exactly the same The Edelwisson badge was used b y several units so it dosen't mean that you exactly know where it...

Boardmütze Weiss


Bordmutze Summer White cotton cap. With blue on white machineembrodieried eagle on front and embroderied cocade on at front of turn up. Cap is f...

Cap Talleys (Mützenband)


Used by crews on boats and bases untill the war began in September 1939. (not exactly the truth in some cases was it worn longer) After this all c...

Fur Cap


Bluish-Grey leather hat with Brown fur front and side flaps. Used in Artic waters. This type is seen by many comanders on old B/W photos. No sp...

Fänrik zür See (SOLD)


Fänrik zur See Well used item with the have been there apperance. Size about 59 Minor damage inside on sweatband and some dirt and spots. Comp...

Fänrik zür See (Summer)


Fänrik zum See White Top Visor Cap for NCO Cap whith a removable top. Top in white cotton/rayon with leather peak whitout any bullion embrodery...

Guners Hood


Very rare Equipment. Bill Shea told me that he had collect militaria for about 50 years and this one is the second he have seen during all this yea...

Kapitain zûr See (SOLD)


Kriegsmarine Visorcap for Senior Grade Officer (Korvettenkapitän Kapitain Zur See The visor is made of dark blue wool with embroidered oakleaves in...

KM Officers M41 Tropical Visor (SOLD)


KM Officers M41 tropical visor field hat.This hat features gold cotton piping along the artficial scallop indicating a non administrative officer...

Kriegsmarine Officers Side Cap (SOLD)


. Darkblue wool cap having officers bullion golden litz to turn-up. It have golden bullion KM officers eagle on darkblue backing front and Office...

Leutnant Zür See


Outstanding condition Size about 58. Theo Töll /Kiel is the manufacturer. Blue doeskin wool in heavy nap with no mothing and shows the Classic...

Rain Cap, South West


A very old headgear used by fishermen since long ago. KM adoppted the South West as a working and good protection in bad wheather and no regulation...

Stealhelmet KM (M35)


In camouflage sand/green. Size 55. Text inside ?Unterseebootsflottile Salzwedel? Serial No Q62. Also marked DN in the neck inside. The right side...



Navy blue Donald Duck Well worn cap still in good shape. Gilt Kriegsmarine eagle and cocade are correctly mounted together and pinned to cap. R...

Tropical Field Cap M41


French manufacturer Chapemere Parisienne Paris No vent holes, gold lining and stamp inside. Nice quality in a clean tan coulor. No holes or sta...

Tropical Helmet


Exposed to the sun in new ares and there was a need for protection of the head. Between 1920 and 1940 there were various models occurs but the mat...

Tropical Helmet White


Se text from Tropical helmet. Was used together whith White summer tunics by senoir grades. Large Golden eagle in the front of the helmet and a si...