• 2017-10-07
    Breathing Aparateus for the Kriegsmarine (KM)...
  • 2017-09-15
    British Navy - German Navy
    Royal British Navy has decide to give back the propeller from a German submarine (World War I) back to the Bundesmarine after so many years....
  • 2017-08-04
    Personlized Dog Tag
    Karl-Heinz Gehrke. More info in Gallery/Uniforms & Clothes...
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About Kriegsmarine

The German Kriegsmarine exist only for 10 years, between 1935-1945. It has his historical background in the Prussian Navy who was introduced in 1848. The evolution wasn't so quick so an Imperial Sailor could easily recognise a sailors Equipment about 100 years later. If you compare equipment over all this many years you will se how that small the changes really are. Officer and NCOs could have their equipment from clothing depots or buy private with better quality. There is one of the major reasons to all variations of manufactures and its easy to understand that a manufacturer under occupation not will put his name inside the enemys equipment. A lot of items are not labelled with the manufacturer. "Ohne hersteller" as they say in Germany.

About me

My name is Svante and I live in Sweden and Thailand. I have collected a lot of things during the years. From stamps and old coins to old books and historical arms. The story around the things are often exciting but mostly you never get to know more than small details. Sometimes you break through and get totally lost in new experience. My ambition is to show my small collection, have feedback, learn more and move forward. I appreciate your thoughts and comments because I am not an expert on everything. In common all are things for sale. If you are intressted in selling or buying any KM items don't hesitate to contact me (see contact page) My collecting has no political ground or reason and my opinion is that War Crimes whoever involved in it have to be heavily punished.
I hope you will enjoy my site and maybe learn something.