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Scheinwerfer ESw20 blc SOLD

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Rare portable Kriegsmarine signallamp in wooden box used on smaller vessels such as Uboats and E-boats for close in communcation.
The 24 volt 100W lamp has a mirrored reflector and is set behind a waterproof, removable glass plate. It is enclosed within a 7" deep round steel case with a clip-on harness which would be placed about the operator's neck to support the lamp. The top of the lamp bears a sighting scope so that the lamp could be aimed at intended viewers, and the left side bears a grip with trigger mechanism which activated the light, turning it on and off rapidly to send signals. A maker's plate is affixed to the right side: "blc" "Marine-Einheits-Scheinwerfer ESw.20", with other particulars. The lamp and cord are stored within a wood case with handle.
It could be seen in a part of the Movie Das Boot.
In good working condition se our start page
A nice instrument in good condition.