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Stealhelmet KM (M35)

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In camouflage sand/green. Size 55. Text inside ?Unterseebootsflottile
Salzwedel? Serial No Q62. Also marked DN in the neck inside.
The right side has the tri-coulor decal in black, white and red. Which
retained for about 80%. The eagle on the left side is still there but the camo
have some impact on the decal
The interior of the helmet has a light tan leather and still in good shape.
Helmets from KM are almost more rare then SS helmets.
Nice item.

Note: There were 5 main supplier for helmets during the period from 1939 to 1944 who together produce around 20 millions of helmets.
ET Eisenhüttewerke/Thale (the biggest one)
FS Emaillierwerke/Fulda
NS Vereinigte Deutche Nikelwerke / Location unknown
Q Quist/Stuttgart
SE Sächsische Emaillier und Stanzwerke/Lauter (Tjeck border)

Manufacturers started marking their helmets with initials early in 1935.

In some case Quist also marked their helmets with a "DN reffered to a patent identification number. (like this)
The decals on the side/sides was produced by several producers and a lot of similair variants exists. KM insignia was produce in water/lacquer based applications.
There also exist helmets without any kind of marking