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Peilüberlagerungsempfänger T3PLLä38

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Peil Überlangerungsempfänger T 3P LLä 38

In 1941 Germany declare War against USA and Russia and the war become global and now we have a real World War.
At this time the submarines have to operate all over the world and the new situation need to change their strategies in many ways. The boats have now to run in a much more different patterns to hunt very far from home. Submarines with capacity to reach target all over the world and supply food, fuel and torpedos was now a must. Milk Cows was launched to solve the new demands and also a system with better communication must be built up for commanding the boats against targets around the world.
In 1942 was a new giant transmitter built up in Kalbe to solve the problem with communication. The new transmitter was called Goliath and has an enormous capacity of 1800 KW and was the strongest transmitter in the world at this time. Enigma was a cifercode for the signals to avoid reading secret info for the enemy.
In 1943 has the Transmitter in Kalbe (South of Magdeburg , Germany) begins to send signals all over the world. The system aloud the submarines to receive signals over the world and they could stand submerged and are not forced to surface to have the signals.
Position of Submarine Distance from Goliath Dept of Sub
North Sea 1000 km 14-24 m
Mediterranen Sea 2300 km 12-17 m
Bay of Biscay - Approx 30m
Indian Occean 6000-8000 km 7-14

The subs was equipted with receivers to catch the signal from Goliath and one of this was Peiluberlagerungsempfänger Telefunken T3PLLä38 who has a five position band selector with this frequencies:
Band 1 70 - 150 kHz
Band 2 150 - 350 kHz
Band 3 350 - 640 kHz
Band 4 640 - 1200 kHz
Band 5 15 - 33 kHz

*You can see the five frequencies on the picture
Used on Type VIIC, IXB, XB, XXI U-boats
The technique was so interesting for the Russians so after the war that they dismantle the whole equipment at Kalbe and send it buy hundreds of railway wagons home to Russia. With help from experts (Lorentz) the Russians built it up again in Nizhny Novogorod. And still today is it used for commanding Russian Submarines (spacecraft also) around the world.
My ID shield is a small Memory of a huge technical breakthrough long time ago and still in use.