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Olympic Rings

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Olympic Games 1936

The Olympic Games 1936 was held in Berlin between 1/8 - 16/8.
Germany has been chosen before the Nazis party took the Political power in Germany and 49 countries participate in the games.
This game was the to first to introduce the Olympic fire, who was transported from Greece to Berlin. The games where a great opportunity to introduce Germany as a new strong Power, and no efforts was spare to hold back and show a strong growing New Germany. Many sources talking about Hitlers ambition to show a rising Germany far away from a beaten poor power after First World War. Leni Riefenstahl, a famous actor and photograp was responsible for createting the mowie ''Triumph des Willens'' who was a new way to use propaganda for a broader audience inside/outside the country.
The movie describe German athletic as strong and hard training super people and the spectator has to believe that German is on their way to become a superpower.
The best athletic during the games was a German, Konrad Frey in gymnastics, and the best nation in total was Germany.
I assume that many Germans was proud of their athletics as many of us are today and there was pictures, flags, autographs, and many other things with the 5 Olympic rings.
This sign was also used by the military and 23 submarines used this rings as their special sign, booth as painting on the boats and as pin on their clothes or headgear. Signs from this can been seen on submarines U3,20,23,59,203,227,314,344,387,394,407,426,440,467,505,534,546,555,643,710,760,869 and 1230.
518 officer cadets for Kriegsmarine was educated during 1936.