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Liebelsextant (Occtant)

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In 1939 was the first SOLD-Libellensextant forwarded to Luftwaffe by C
This instrument was extensively used for aircraft operations and it's
not so well known that a Naval version shows up with
better protection from salt water spray and with rechargeable NIFE
There was a need from using conventional Sextants in bad weather or in
the nights. This type of Sextant have an artificial horizon
created by air bubbles who can give you a horizon when you need, in bad
conditions or darkness.
Often called Bubble Sextant for this function

The main difference between the Luftwaffe type and the Naval one is
quite small. The case is one of this points (steel for KM and Wood for
The rechargeable battery for KM and a flying lead for Aircraft(3V)with
in integral resistor to reduce the onboard voltage, separate them.
Master switch is turned on for (Luftwaffe)when you put it forward or
back and on KM to left or right