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Lederjacke, Rudolf Muhlbauer 1919-2000 U123 and U170

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Mûhlbauer was the one of 22 men with non Captains grade who was decorated with "Ritterkreuz"(Nights Cross) during the second world war.(Oberboatsmann) Rolf made most of his duty onboard at U123/U170 and he take part in 14 mission with a total time of 2 year and 4 months to see.(748 days) Try to find someone with more experience... Rolf was fameous for his "good eyes" and he saved his friends and the boat several times when enamies suddenly occur. He got the Cross for saving everybody many times and thats maybe part of the reason that he survived 14 missions. A Jacket who certinly have been into much action and filled with history. His name is inside the pocket.