• 2017-10-07
    Breathing Aparateus for the Kriegsmarine (KM)...
  • 2017-09-15
    British Navy - German Navy
    Royal British Navy has decide to give back the propeller from a German submarine (World War I) back to the Bundesmarine after so many years....
  • 2017-08-04
    Personlized Dog Tag
    Karl-Heinz Gehrke. More info in Gallery/Uniforms & Clothes...
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KM Officers M41 Tropical Visor

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KM Officers M41 tropical visor field hat.This hat
features gold cotton piping along the artficial scallop
indicating a non administrative officer. These are rare.
The officers eagle is tan backed hand embroidered cello.
The embrodidered kokard has a tan backing that is rare to
see. The hat is lined with light green cotton and has a single
stamp, size 57. Very rare item.