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Heeresatmer (Breathing Apparateus)

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This is a German Heeresatmer from second world War II.
A self containg breathing Apparatus from the introduction in 1937 (German Army)
The heeresatmer (HA) was a self contained oxygen apparatus developed from the mine/coal
industry in Germany to prevent breathing from poisson gases.

Similair to earlier model from 1923 but improved i several ways.

In spite of the name "Heeresatmer" (Army) was this instrumet used by booth civilians and military organisations as
Navy o Air Service. (Kriegsmarine & Luftwaffe) in their needs to fight fire and dangerus smoke

HA was used where ordinary filter wasen't good enoug for protect the user to very dangerous toxic smoke

Short description: Weight about 12 kg. Two metalpieces welded together and carried on the back with two leather stripes
There is some ribs outside the frame for allowing the "wearer" to take of the equipmet and push in front of you when crawling
in tight spaces.
This item has nice marking with eagle and an M marking Marine (Navy) and have all the main components intact and complete such
as oxygen control group, oxygen filter, oxygen bottle and breathing bag with markings M.
Hoses and mask are in quite good condition to and the Kali canister (Karli patronen) are dated 1941.
Everything stored in a wooden box in good shape.
A very rare and nice item in exelent condition