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Gasmask M30

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This type is a variation of the mask equiped with a connection for a microphone for KM operating staff.
Size 3 told us that this one is the smallest model maybe used by a woman.
A lot of markings both on filter and mask. AEG40, 5 1940, Auer G534, WaA 328. The lenses are marked fny--1943 (damaged) There is a handsewn nametag on one strap but impossible to read today.
The filter type is FE41 also with more stamps clf41, WaA476, 43/0281 and a triangle.
The mask is made of several layers of rubbericed fabric. The microphone is placed on the right side a covered by a round lid who is chained to the mask. One problem was that the amount of microphones wasen't enough for more than a third of the masks.
The canister (Tragebüchse) was made in corrugated metal in a cylindrical form and painted field grey. from the beging about 25 cm high but was increased to 27,5 in November 1941. Later a watertight cannister shows up stamped by a D in the bottom. Since 1942 was all cannisters waterproof

If you looks really Close you can read the name Müller under the cannister.