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G7 Torpedshield

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U573 was launched in April 1941 and in the hands of Commander Henrich Heinsson.
In december 1941 she sank the Norweigen steamer "Hellen" on 5.289 ton outside Gibraltar. No crewmember get killed but their ship sank under their feets.
In May 1942 was she attaced by a British Hudson and one crew member get killed. About 10 men in the crew standing on deck with their arms in the air as a sign for giving up and the pilot was not shure of handling the situation Some bombs had exploded near U573 and she was badly hurt. Diesel engine dosen't work and one Electric motor was broken. She was also out of communcation equipment when asking for support. A bad situation for the Submarine in many ways.
The crew manage to start the engine temporary and the vessel head for Cartagena in Spain. The damage was so bad so she need a lot of reparairs and time in Spain so the soulution was to sell her to the Spanish goverment. And so suddenly U573 became Submarine G7 and was held in the Spanish Navy until 1970 and probably one of the last war time Submarine in duty.
The Shields is from one of her Torpedos can you see on the pictures.
U573 or G7 was also used in the film about U47 and Scapa Flow