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Emblem U66

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U66 was a type IX-submarine and was launched in January 1941. Built at AG Weser Bremen Oct 1940.
Her first commander was Richard Zapp(pic) and he leave Kiel on the 5th of May 1941 for a patrol of 33 days down to Lorient/France. During Zapps command (5 patrols) was 103.542 sunk about more than 50% of total sinking for U66. The two biggest ships was Heinrich von Riedemann 11020 ton(Tanker) and Harry G Seidel 10.354 ton (Tanker)
Other ships was Lady Hawkins, Norvana, Empire Gum, Venore, Kortihian, Amsterdam, Alcoa Partner,Sandar, George J Goulandris, Kalypso Vergotti, St Anselm, Holmside, I C White, and Allan Jacksson.
U66 was one of five boats takeing part in operation Drumbeat (Pukenslag) in 1941. The other was U123 (Hardegen) U125 (Folkers ) U109, ( Bleichrodt ) U130 ( Kals ) and U66 (Zapp)
Richard Zapp become after his fifth mission commander of 3rd flotilla and got the Knight Cross for his success.
The crew wear the emblem of a roaring lion on left arm same as you can see on the conning Tower (pic)

On the 6th mission was Zapp replaced with Friedrich Markworth and he start his first patrol on the 23th of June 1942 and already on 9th of July was Triglaw (6363 ton) hit by his torpedos and sunk.
The first patrol was 99 days and also succesful with several ships sunk and also the Swedish steamer Peiping (6390 ton)on the 9th of September.
Other shipo was Tamandare, Weirbank, Rozewie, Topa Topa, Sir Huon, West Lashaway, Winemac, Joseph Elise, ST Margaret, Esso Gettysburg, Bloody Marsh. A total of 67.694 ton
After the 9th patrol Markworth was replaced by Gerhard Seehausen. Markworth also became a Knights Cross for his command. FM became training officer at 23rd flotila after his duty on U66
The 10h Patrol started on 16th of January . Seehausen sink four ships on 20000 ton Before she meet her final faith on the 6th of May -44. 24 dead and 36 survivers. Seehausen dosen't survive. HMS Blockley
The Roar Lion was silenced