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Dagger (Dolch oder Marinedolch)

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Standard Navy Dagger from Carl Eickhorn/Solingen.
According to regulation, 24 cm nickel plated double-edge blade
with 28 cm long scabbard.
There where two main types whitout engraved blade or with.
The engraved variants has several pattern (see presentation Daggers) This one have engraved blade and a typical schabbard of four main types.
The Grip was ivory or celluloidcoverd Wood. In January 1938 was the flame-shaped pommel of the Reichsmarine pattern replaced by a brass, bronze or zink emblem with down turned wings, with the eagle head turned to his right wings.
Blade is secured in the scabbard by a spring tension button on the center of the crossguard.
The Portepee was gold for KM and silver for administrative staff serving Kriegsmarine.