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World War I

This war started for more than100 years ago in 1914 and was in many ways the reason for World War II, 20 years later.
There are so many books, film and articles done about second World War so I will give World War I some space to.
Much of the Equipment and tactics has changed but very many items looks the same.

Brass wheel from Conning tower of UC39


This Hutch Wheel comes from UC39 who was sunk in February 1917 outside the British coast at Flambourgh Head . UC39 was a mine-leyer submarine built...

English Navy gives back German propeller from World War I


From the German Submarine U XX was this propeller given back after almost 100 years


Imperial Werftdivision

U39 Rememberence Card

Anton Guggenbichler

Anton Guggenbircher from Pffafenhoffen i Austria was one of thousands men who lost his Life under World War I. Today its not know on which submarin...